The Fable of Fidelio and Gertrude - The echo of a dream

The Fable of Fidelio and Gertrude - The echo of a dream

On a cold and dark night, Fidelio and Gertrude find shelter in the loving home of a London family. That apparent calm made of food, kisses and caresses, however, turned into an arduous and twisted experience: between secrets and mysteries of past eras, they will discover that they are the protagonists of an incredible adventure that comes from afar. Their courage will be tested …

The creation of the gems of the domain and tolerance causes epic battles. The lost sorcerers, the Lord of the Tundra, King William with his trusted adviser, the wizard Varariel … all at the center of events until an unsuspected betrayal that leads Veltriel, daughter of the wizard, to avenge her father by taking possession of the gem of the domain. Restoring peace and preserving the gems from evil will be the most important task for Fidelio and Gertrude … A fantasy with dark but also romantic shades, with an intense and suspenseful plot.

Beyond the three lakes of tranquility, beyond the beech forest, protected by the mountain of hope ...



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